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Roland TD-27KV Kit

E-Drum Sets | Produkt Code: TD-27KV | ID: 340872

Roland TD-27KV Kit

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Roland TD-27KV Kit
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Roland TD-27KV Kit

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Mittelschwere V-Drums, Performance der nächsten Generation
Der mittelschwere TD-27KV liefert den beeindruckenden Klang und die Ansprache, die Sie nur mit V-Drums erhalten. Das Herzstück ist die leistungsstarke neue TD-27-Sound-Engine mit erstklassigen, vollständig anpassbaren Drum- und Becken-Sounds. Die fortschrittliche digitale Triggertechnologie erkennt jede Spielnuance in ultrahoher Auflösung, während Drum- und Cymbal-Pads mit großem Durchmesser ein außergewöhnliches Spielgefühl bieten und in einem geräumigen Layout im Akustikstil präsentiert werden.

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  • Mid-size V-Drums kit with flagship-class sound
  • TD-27 sound module with advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling derived from the flagship TD-50
  • 14” digital snare and 18” ride cymbal with high-resolution, multi-sensor triggering for unparalleled dynamics and accurate positional detection 
  • Large-diameter pads and cymbals provide an acoustic-like playing experience
  • Drum in a variety of hyper-realistic sound spaces with newly developed PureAcoustic Ambience Technology
  • Hands-on interface for quick-and-easy selecting and personalizing drum sounds 
  • Import your own WAV samples via an SD card
  • Stereo mix output and two assignable outputs for sending individual drum sounds to a PA mixer
  • Integrated 28-channel USB audio interface for professional computer music production
  • Three auxiliary trigger inputs for easy kit expansion
  • Onboard Bluetooth for drumming with music from a smartphone or laptop
  • Built-in practice functions for developing drumming skills

Larger Pads and Cymbals
Many electronic drum kits feel quite different from acoustic kits, mainly due to small pads and lower height. The TD-27KV dispels this convention with large-diameter pads and cymbals, presenting a spacious layout that makes every drummer feel at home. The 14” x 4.3” stainless-steel snare and 10” toms feature Roland’s legendary multi-ply mesh heads, providing unmatched response and adjustable tension for natural rebound. The 12” hi-hat cymbals mount on a standard acoustic hi-hit stand, while an 18” ride cymbal and 12” and 13” crash cymbals are mounted on sturdy boom arms for great stick feel and authentic swinging motion.

14” Digital Snare and 18” Digital Ride Cymbal
Roland’s cutting-edge digital pad technology brings even deeper realism to the V-Drums experience. The digital snare and ride pads connect to the TD-27 module via USB cables, working together with the sound engine to deliver the most natural expression, allowing your drumming skills to be heard in incredible detail. Multiple sensors and lightning-fast processing provide amazing response, enabling you to play genuine techniques in the most natural way. Ghost notes, rim shots, and cross stick playing on the snare are precisely detected and translated, while the ride offers wide tonal range and the ability to subtly mute with just a touch of the bow.

Go Deeper with Prismatic Sound Modeling 
Derived from the flagship TD-50, the TD-27 sound module is filled with drums that live and breathe like acoustic instruments. We start by sampling the finest drums, percussion, and cymbals—both vintage and modern—in world-class recording studios. Roland’s unique Prismatic Sound Modeling is then applied to the samples, bringing them alive with proprietary behavior modeling refined over two decades. Every time you strike a drum or cymbal, you’re not simply triggering a canned sound—you’re playing a full-bodied instrument that responds like its acoustic counterpart in every way, with an unprecedented sonic range at your command.

Create (and Craft) Your Signature Drum Kit
With acoustic drums, you make the sound your own by swapping head types, adjusting the tuning, applying damping, tweaking the snare wire tension, changing out the kick beater, and more. This is all possible with the TD-27 module, allowing you to craft customized kits for any situation. Just strike a pad to select it, and then use the hands-on controls and intuitive editing tools to get the sound just how you like it. Your edits are saved automatically too, so you always stay focused on playing. It’s even possible to load your own samples and layer them with the internal sounds to personalize kits even more.

PureAcoustic Ambience Technology
New PureAcoustic Ambience Technology optimises each kit, creating an incredibly natural and immersive sound field when playing. But you can go deeper too, and adjust the mic position on each drum kit, and dial in the overall sound with the newly developed overhead mic simulator. Finally, advanced onboard multi-effects and mixing capabilities give you the power of a full-scale studio console, with transient, parametric EQs, compressors, reverbs, delays, and more at your command.

Powerful Connectivity for Stage and Studio
The TD-27KV delivers fantastic sound for live performance or recording, thanks to a wealth of connectivity options. The TD-27 module features stereo outputs for the overall drum sound, plus two direct outputs for sending kick, snare, and other sounds to an audio console for independent mixing. In the studio, the built-in USB audio interface makes computer music production easy, with up to 28 audio channels available over a single cable. MIDI is also supported via USB and dedicated I/O, allowing you to sync with other MIDI devices and trigger sounds in computer software.

Kit Expansion Made Easy
With the TD-27KV, you’re not stuck with a static setup. Using the TD-27 module’s three auxiliary trigger inputs, it’s easy to add tom and cymbal pads to bolster your arsenal. Whatever you’re thinking, the auxiliary trigger inputs are the gateway to your ideal drum setup.
Bluetooth Connectivity and Built-In Coaching Tools
Built-in Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream audio from a phone or laptop to the module, ideal for jamming with headphones. Play along with favorite music tracks or mix the sound from a YouTube lesson video with the kit. Onboard coach functions develop skills and track your progress, while the advanced metronome helps improve your inner clock. And at any time, you can record your playing and listen back to highlight what you need to work on.

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